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Pooja Mayuki

Welcome to the official website of Pooja Mayuki - a destination for spiritual mastery.

I believe that we are all spiritual.

I believe that people who are spiritual don’t have traits that separate them from the common mass.

When a person is labelled as spiritual, it means that the person has learnt the meaning of this journey called life.

Most people, these days, are merely surviving and making ends meet.

A spiritual person, on the other hand, does all that is necessary but at the same time is aware of the purpose of their life.

People should prioritise themselves but in most cases, the general population is often hurting themselves, spiritually.

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Yoga For Health

Spiritual Counselling

Balance is needed to be established in our lives.This is where Spiritual Counselling Help.

Meditation Guide

For me, meditation is the solution to finding balance in your daily life.


For me and everyone here at Mayuki, Yoga is like a boon from the almighty.

Motivational Speaker

When we go through the pain and suffering ourselves, it becomes easy for us to help.

Awesome Discount

Get 30% Discount for all Classes

This happens when a person forgets that life is beautiful and it is a blessing to be born as a human being. People who refrain from respecting themselves, their lives and the lives of others, tend to live a miserable life, let alone attain spirituality.

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